The Worship watercolor painting from the Immortal Tree Collection

The Worship watercolor painting from the Immortal Tree Collection

The Worship watercolor painting : Religion relies on the power of the heavens and the Immortal tree is the center of earth’s power.

اثر عبادت از مجموعه درخت جاویدان 

Paint Size : 36 × 50 cm

Year of creation :2016

Style : Abstract

Medium : Watercolor

From the Immortal Tree Collection

People's beliefs are often formed based on signs and myths, which affects their social life since the signs and myths are associated with their inner thoughts and include a particular meaning.

Symbolization has been adapted to the instinctive needs of humans because nature is not solely rational and needs a sensory basis to reach higher levels.

Throughout time, the biological needs have turned into faith and spiritual needs.

A symbol is a representation of God and is considered to be its manifestation. It originated from the depths of man's soul and encourages him to leap towards tranquility.

Worship is present in both the private and social life of every man and exposes their soul and life to the energy of the universe.

Worship has penetrated into the layers of public culture and forms a collection of thoughts and manifestations in the people’s behavior.

In a broader look, any action in any area, which is done by motivation love is considered worship.

The worship painting interprets the objectives of man’s life in line with his heart and depicts the man’s tranquil relationship with the universe and moving towards the transcendence of the soul.

The Worship Abstract watercolor painting

In the Worship painting, the rays of light shine unto the earth through the branches of the Immortal tree and cleanse all the diseases and chaos, and the whole objective is how to live to get closer to the calmness of the soul.

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